Boost Your Baby’s Brain Power Through Affection

Developing a close bond with your baby provides a healthy start for your relationship and it’s great for your baby’s brain development! Here are some simple ways you can increase your connection to your baby and strengthen your baby’s brain power.

baby momCuddle time. Everyone needs hugs, but especially babies! Holding your baby and forming a proper attachment with him is the most important influence on brain growth. By responding to his needs, nourishing him and loving him, you are creating a foundation for healthy brain development. When these fundamental needs are neglected, the resources normally used for brain development are instead used for basic survival. So keep your baby close for optimum brain development.

Smile often. Let your baby know just how valuable he is with your tender eyes, your warm tone of voice and your shining smile. Your loving ways help your baby feel secure and significant

Connect face-to-face. A newborn baby’s vision is the least developed of the five senses. By holding your baby and looking into his eyes, you are not only helping him develop his vision, but you are also deepening your bond of love. Babies are fascinated by faces, and especially enjoy looking at their mom’s face!

Talk and sing. Talking to your baby, yes even baby talk, improves your baby’s brain power. So, go ahead and do the sing-song voice…your baby’s brain will thank you!

Be attentive. As a parent it’s easy to become distracted. However, your baby looks to you to learn how things operate in life. Each time you respond to your baby, whether it be to his cries or to his coos, connections are being made in his brain. By meeting your baby’s needs promptly, you are aiding in the process of good brain development that will help him throughout life.

Read together. Studies have shown that it’s never too early to start reading to your baby, even in the womb! The tone of your voice as you read the story is soothing and further deepens your bond. Babies that are read to frequently, also tend to excel in reading and mathematics as they grow up.