Don’t let summer pass you by and take advantage of all the fun Maui provides. What’s on your list? Here are some ideas to kick things off.

  1. Surf a wave at The Cove.
  2. Visit the Lanai Cat Sanctuary.
  3. Go to summer camp and make new friends.
  4. Chase down the Maui Ice Cream Cart.
  5. Make it to the top of The Hexapod at Adventure Park Maui.
  6. Get certified to scuba dive.
  7. Attend an outdoor drive-in movie.
  8. Go glamping at the Olowalu Tentalows.
  9. Watch fireworks at the beach.
  10. Sign up for the library’s Summer Reading Program.
  11. Pick strawberries at Kula Country Farms.
  12. See a live show.
  13. Hike into the crater at Haleakalā.
  14. Stay up late and gaze at the stars.
  15. Shop a local farm stand and make smoothies.
  16. Attend a school graduation.
  17. Go roller skating at Kalama Park.
  18. Staycation at a fancy hotel.
  19. Visit a local farmer’s market.
  20. Take a long nap in a hammock.