Finding the perfect gift for Mother’s Day doesn’t have to zap your time, energy, or wallet. What most moms want may be much easier and easier to provide than you think.  Consider these ideas for the best presents you could give to your mother this year.

No cooking or cleaning. It’s no big secret that housework and meal prep are not moms’ favorite pastimes. Rather than buying gifts or flowers, consider telling your loved one she’s off duty for anything domestic on Mother’s Day. The mere thought of not cleaning or cooking are gifts any mom wants.

No schedule. In this increasingly busy world, many moms feel like their lives are overscheduled. Cramming every minute of the day with a task or errand can be stressful. Invite mom to go out for the day with no set time to return or chore to do while she’s out—window shopping at the mall, surfing on the west side, or a forest hike with girlfriends. When mom has complete freedom for the day, she truly gets what she wants.

Home alone. Being at the house without toddlers or kids for the day can be a simple and easy reset for mom. Without no-one else’s needs to take care, she can unwind and relax by enjoying a long soak in the tub, reading a novel in bed, or watching a favorite movie in pajamas. Perhaps with uninterrupted time, she’ll be inspired to write, draw, play music or dance to her favorite song. Bottom line: moms love being home alone sometimes.

Acknowledgment. A mom’s day is full of details that go unnoticed. Show appreciation on this special day by making a card and writing loving words inside to lift her spirits. Tell her what you adore about her or recall some fond memories. Find a way of expressing love affectionately and authentically, and you’ll have the key to her heart.

Make this Mother’s Day stand out from the rest by giving your mom freedom to do whatever she wants. Whether she’s home alone or out with girlfriends, spending the day the way she wants to is the gift. And it might be one she’ll remember for years to come.—RG