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College Application Bootcamp Registration 2015

Enjoy an intensive, Get-It-Done bootcamp with our very own Kid Whisperer, Elizabeth Johnson.

Elizabeth has an uncanny ability to find the unique talents, interests and skills to help students create their story. She gives them permission to explore their dreams and successes in a safe and supportive environment. Kids can feel free to write the next chapter of their lives, confident that they will be applying to the best-fit college for them.

College Application Bootcamp

Get it done!
Get accepted to the Best College for You!

Request Letters of recommendation
Select best fit colleges
Set up online accounts and fill in application
Short answer responses
Write college application essays
Practice interview techniques
Scholarship search
Press Send!

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Dates: 2015 Summer and Fall
Maui:  full day bootcamp, !0 am -2 pm : July 6th and 25,  August 1st and 6th
Santa Clarita: full day- June 20, August 29 ,Sept. 19, Oct. 17, Nov. 14,
6-week- 9/9-10/14,  and  10/15-11/19
Los Angeles: full day 10/3, 10/24, 11/21

Our Full day intensive or 6 week college application bootcamps:

6 weeks: 90 minutes a session, for 6 sessions. $495 for the entire course, takes students from 0 to “Send” in 6-weeks. Designed for students entering their senior year, pulls together all the previous programs to complete college applications. We start with transcripts, test scores, extracurricular activities, volunteer work, athletics etc. Students send out requests for recommendations, narrow down college choices, write essays, complete application and hit the send button. There is work to be done between sessions.

Full day bootcamp guides students through the whole process, completing as much of the applications as they can crank out. Students leave knowing their best fit schools, their areas of uniqueness and individual accomplishments and how they are going to relate that to the college or university of their choice. Some students have all their transcripts, activities, awards, accomplishments and a good understanding of themselves. These students may be able to complete the process in one sitting, or students may take the bootcamp as many times as they need.

Students Love College Application Bootcamp!

Full day and 6 week bootcamp rate $497
Two sessions  $425 each
Pre-enrollment rate up to June 10th,  two or more sessions  $400 each
Early bird special Up to June 1st, $350 each session

Scholarship: based on need. Students request aid, fill out application and write a short essay on why they need College Application Bootcamp

“I have better things to do during my Senior Year!”