The County of Maui Department of Parks & Recreation is excited to announce the expansion of our Inclusive Children’s Art Program. After a successful start in the East district, the program has now found another home in the Central district.

Art is one form of expression and objective communication. Art is also another way to recreate. With our Inclusive Art program, it becomes an avenue for children with special needs to feel at ease in a group learning environment. Our Art Instructor, Paulo Sabado, is a professional artist and also has extensive experience working with developmental disabilities. This combination is what makes the program inclusive and skill building. All art participants will have the opportunity to learn the basic art skills of drawing, painting in acrylic, water coloring, and design concepts. These are the building blocks to becoming an avid artist. In addition to having fun with color and imagination, this program focuses on diverse ways of utilizing everyday household items for art tools and materials. It also encourages parent participation and group work projects that will benefit the community. This year’s program will include a final group painting that will be donated to one of our elderly care facilities for a timeless art treasure to be enjoyed for many years to come.

The Parks Department is very fortunate to be able to partner with the Children’s Community Council of Maui (CCCM). As you can imagine, art supplies are not free so we are proud to have the continued support of the CCCM donating the art supplies in order to have the quality of art materials we are using for the class. Our art instructor has a preference for the art participants to walk away with their creation with long lasting materials that can become the beginning of their art portfolios for future endeavors. This program is supported by the host district staff and the Inclusion Specialist for the Department of Parks and Recreation. A special thanks to Alvin Kametani who saw the potential for this program in our East District and has encouraged the implementation in the Central district.  For more information on participation in this program please email [email protected] or call 270-7979.

Hope to hear from you!