Pumpkin Fairy Garden

The magic of fairy gardens transcends the seasons with this Autumn version, made inside a pumpkin! We don’t know a single fairy who wouldn’t want to snuggle into this sweet hideaway.

Faux pumpkin
Sharp kitchen knife
Fine grit sandpaper
Fabric scraps
Mod Podge
Craft paint brush or foam brush
Fairy Garden decorations: plants, moss, figurines, fairy lights,

1. Draw a large circle, in pencil, on the face of the pumpkin. This will be your opening.

2. Carefully use a sharp kitchen knife to carve the opening. Use sand paper to smooth rough edges.

3. To Mod Podge fabrics scraps, work in small spots at a time. Scraps should be small enough (around 1-  2 ”)to smoothly fit the curve on the inside of the pumpkin. Brush on a small amount of Mod Podge then placethe fabric on top. Once you smooth out the fabric, brush another layer of Mod Podge on top of the fabric.Continue placing and layering the fabric and Mod Podge until the entire inside of the pumpkin is covered

4. Decorate and Enjoy!

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