In an era of increasing disconnection between children and their food sources, Grow Some Good’s Farm-to-School Program on Maui works diligently to bridge that gap. This initiative combines hands-on learning, environmental stewardship, and community engagement to foster a deeper understanding of food systems and sustainable practices among the island’s youth. This program empowers Maui’s young minds by cultivating a strong connection between local agriculture, community, and schools.

Grow Some Good creates invaluable learning experiences for children. Through experiential education, students can engage in activities like planting, nurturing growth, and harvesting fresh produce. These hands-on experiences bring the learning process to life, teaching children about nutrition, agriculture, and environmental conservation.

Garden Coordinators are pivotal to the success of Farm-to-School programming. These educated and experienced individuals work closely with teachers, collaborating on lesson plans and integrating hands-on gardening experiences into the curriculum, such as math, science, and history. They also assist in designing and maintaining school gardens, providing guidance on plant selection, soil preparation, and irrigation methods. Working alongside educators, they help create a rich and exciting learning atmosphere where students can explore, discover, and connect with the natural world.

Beyond their role of creating an outdoor learning classroom, Garden Coordinators serve as mentors to students, nurturing their curiosity, encouraging their questions, and instilling a sense of wonder about the food they grow and their environment. They encourage their students to deeply appreciate nature’s cycles and the importance of sustainable practices. Through their guidance, students learn life skills such as teamwork, problem-solving, and responsibility. They empower their students to take ownership of their education, instilling a sense of pride and accomplishment as they witness the growth of their plants and taste the fruits of their labor.

82% of Maui County teachers surveyed for the 2022-2023 school year agreed that students who attend Grow Some Good’s garden classes have improved attitudes with respect for others and demonstrate nurturing behaviors. 89% agreed that the garden class improved their students’ enthusiasm for learning, and 97% saw improvement in their students’ connection to the natural world. 

Grow Some Good’s Farm-to-School Program is a transformative educational experience that plants the seeds of sustainability and environmental stewardship in the minds and hearts of students. By promoting this style of education, supporting local farmers, and fostering community engagement, this program ensures a brighter, healthier future for Maui. To learn how you can become involved, follow us @GrowSomeGood on Facebook and Instagram, and subscribe to our newsletter through our website,