New Year’s Resolutions for a New You

The new year and making resolutions go hand-in-hand. If you are looking to improve your life in 2019, here are some suggestions on how to reach your goals.

Make one small change each month. Choose twelve areas in need of improvement, and spend one month focusing on each item. You will see significant progress with consistent practice. Some areas you may consider choosing include drinking more water, eating breakfast within the first thirty minutes of waking up, getting more sleep, and ‘unplugging’ while at home.

Be specific. When setting goals or resolutions for yourself, it is essential to be specific and realistic. Set time frames to accomplish goals and write down actionable steps. By breaking down your larger goals into manageable tasks, you are more likely to move forward in reaching them.

Create a vision board or dream board. Use old magazines to clip out images and words, and create a collage of inspiration for your office space or home.

Bridgett Parker ( shared, “I love that my birthday and the new year are in the same month. It helps me start off the year by really honing in on what I want to accomplish in those 365 days to become a better version of myself.”

She continued, “The last two years I also came up with a ‘word of the year.’ In 2016, it was ‘believe’ and I turned that word into an acronym: Bridgett Envisions Living Intentionally Enormously Victoriously Everafter. In those moments when I felt like I was not doing the best job to reach those goals, I would stop and recite those words and realign my thoughts.” She also shared, “I also have a prayer journal and I write down even the smallest of victories. Let’s face it, we aren’t perfect; but we can celebrate small things because they matter!”