Jumpstart Joy for the New Year

Jumpstart Joy for the New Year

“For happiness, one needs security, but joy can spring like a flower even from the cliffs of despair” (Anne Morrow Lindbergh).

There’s a distinct difference between “happiness” and “joy,” for as Lindbergh said, one can retain joy even amidst trial and despair, whereas happiness is a much more temporary feeling. So as the New Year approaches, how do we inspire true joy in our lives, regardless of our current situations?

Hope is a key ingredient to finding joy in our lives. But what if we’re stuck in a rut, with no hope in sight? Then it’s time to dig deep and remember those hidden dreams in your heart. Was there a time you wanted to learn how to surf, or take a painting class, or hike Haleakala, or go on a girls’ weekend? Remembering those past aspirations allows us to find hope for the future. To take this concept a step further you could create a “dream board,” by using magazine clippings, your own illustrations, favorite quotes, etc., to design a visual representation of your goals for the New Year.

Another way you can find joy in this holiday season is to spend time with people you enjoy. Creating memories together, planning for the New Year together, enjoying a meal or beach day out are sure ways to jumpstart joy in your heart. We are made to live in community, and by nurturing our relationships we are laying a firm foundation of encouragement for the new year.

We all need joy in our lives, so why not start today?