Kahiau, “giving from the heart without any expectation of return,” lies at the heart of Maui’s unique new activity involving Kahiau Rocks. These rocks are painted with aloha by Liane Nakamura and her children Kylan and Maika Lei (with the help of friends and family also). Then they are placed gently around the island for others to find, appreciate, and act upon. The Nakamuras hope that those who find the rocks pursue an act of kindness before hiding the rocks again in a new location.

It’s a little like a treasure hunt and pay-it-forward combined: find a painted rock, do something kind, and then re-hide it.
“I’m a high school counselor, and every summer I’m off with my kids,” says Liane. “Every summer, we choose a different inquiry project to study (former Elementary Teacher). This year we decided to do something to uplift others. “Our goal is to spread happiness, share God’s love, and promote human kindness on Maui.  Bringing unexpected happiness to others fills us with happiness too!  The kids and I absolutely love seeing updates of Kahiau Rocks that were found and relocated!”

That was how Kahiau Rocks was born.

Liane and her kids spend quality time together painting the rocks (purchased from store-no local rocks are harmed), as well as beachcombing and diving for empty shells that accompany the hidden rocks. Each original rock that’s hidden by the Nakamuras is coupled with a shell. The rocks and shells are hidden in places where Liane and the kids think people are in need of feeling something positive. Once found, the lucky recipient will hopefully initiate an act of kindness before hiding the painted rock again. Of course, the shells are keepers, but the rocks go on to motivate the next treasure seeker to keep the good vibes rolling.

To be a part of the fun:

  1. Find a Kahiau Rock.
  2. Do a random act of kindness.
  3. Take a photo and tag them on Instagram or Facebook@kahiau.rocks.
  4. Hide the rock in a new location!

*Once a month the kids select a winner, prizes are donated by @kahiau.rocks and small local businesses

Blue Zones held an event at the Queen Kaahumanu Center in September, and at one of the booths, participants painted over 100 rocks for the Kahiau Rock project. There will be a lot more rocks to find throughout the year! Join Kahiau Rocks for free rock painting at Friends and Faire on Thursday, November 14, 2019, from 6:30–8:00pm. See IG or FB for more details. Anyone who finds a rock is encouraged to share their excitement, and experience of giving, on the Kahiau Rocks Instagram or Facebook account.

To learn more visit @kahiau.rocks on Instagram or join the Facebook Group Kahiau.rocks.