Trust The Gut: Listening To Our Intuition

“Trust your hunches. They are usually based on facts filed away just below the conscious level” (Dr. Joyce Brothers).

intuitionAs a parent you are faced with difficult decisions concerning your children throughout their young lives. You may tend to dismiss your gut instincts, but listening to your intuition is an important part of parenthood. It can be developed over time, however, women often times tend to possess intuition more naturally than men.

“Female ancestors needed to evaluate a situation quickly in order to tune in to their infant and their environment for protection and survival. Their brains were trained with peak awareness because they were protecting a heart outside of their own bodies” (

That’s why it’s called your “mama gut” for discerning mothers.

One of the main areas you need to exercise your intuition is medical care. When it comes to your child’s health sometimes you need a second, third or even a fourth opinion. If your intuition tells you something is wrong or that diagnosis is not correct, then seek the help your child needs. You are his or her biggest advocate. You know your child best, so for the sake of his or her health, do not ignore your intuition.

Another instance where you need to trust your gut is when dealing with people. Perhaps your gut tells you that a person is not trustworthy. Usually your first response to someone is correct. There are cases when this proves false, however, when you listen to your intuition, you may be saving yourself and those you love heartache in the end.

Some ways you may improve your intuition include spending quiet time meditating on your thoughts about a particular situation or person; journaling your thoughts as they pop into your mind; and learning to understand your physical and emotional responses throughout the day. Give yourself permission to slow down during the day and pay attention to your intuition. As you take the time to acknowledge that still, small voice nudging you a certain direction, you will grow in your intuition.