A Simple Way To Tame Your Fears

People often say it’s hard to change. Change takes a lot of work. But is that really true? What if a simple shift in perspective could change your outlook on life and that shift could create the physical body to change.

Here’s a simple exercise in taming your fears by shifting your perspective. It can apply to a person of any age. Try it yourself or with your child!

Let’s say the summer break is over and it’s the first day of school. Your child wakes up with a stomachache…

  • First of all, take note of the feeling that’s arising. Ask your child to describe what they are feeling? Listen to the answer. Let’s say the response is: “I’m nervous about going to school.”
  • Find the origin of the feeling. Ask your child why they are scared. Let’s assume your child says: “I’m scared because I don’t know the teacher, and maybe my friends won’t be in my class.”
  • Say goodbye to limiting beliefs. Ask your child if the fear about school is creating the stomachache. If the answer is yes, then tell your child to release that belief. Letting go of a belief that serves no purpose is a powerful step in this exercise.
  • Change the perspective. Help your child look at going to school with a different mind-set. Tell them, “I hear Mrs. Smith is a great teacher. She’s excited about having you in her class. You’re going to make new friends and go on new adventures. It’s exciting!”
  • When the new belief is uploaded, ask your child about the physical symptoms. Did the stomachache pass? Have the nerves calmed down?
  • Be patient with yourself and your child. Changing perspective takes awareness.

We are all able to shift energy and feel change in our physical bodies. All it takes is awareness and the readiness to release whatever is limiting us. Within moments we can change our perspective, and feel the power of having created our own reality.