Nurturing creativity in your child takes some effort, but the reward is great!

Teach Your Child How to Nature Journal

Allow your child to discover what she enjoys about her time in nature, then invite her to write or draw from that perspective. Let her describe what she saw, where she saw it, and anything else that piques her interest. Spending time outdoors in nature, then taking the time to reflect on that experience, can inspire you and your child!

Challenge Your Child to Create a Finished Product

Give him a prompt such as, “Today’s project is to make a sea turtle.” Then let him decide what to use to make the project, whether it be colored blocks, construction paper, paint, paper mache, pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks, glitter, clay, macaroni, yarn, or any other materials you have handy. The sky is the limit as your child explores the possibilities to create his sea turtle.

Provide Various Options for Children to Choose How They Create

“A great way to nurture creativity is to offer choice. In my classroom, my first graders choose where they sit and which independent math or reading activity they work on. This choice allows them to explore ways in which they learn best,” shared Nicole Heinlein, Maui mother of two and blogger at

Dedicate an Art Space in Your Home

Whether it’s just a corner of the living room or an entire art studio, dedicating a space to create will encourage your child to make art more regularly. “At home, my children have an art table with a tool organizer from Lowe’s to keep their art supplies,” said Heinlein. She continued, “I am always amazed at the projects they create from this space. Seeing the supplies neatly in front of them helps inspire their creativity. Sometimes I’m so inspired that I join in!”