Test Taking Strategies

Test-taking can be hard. Sometimes your kids may not know the answers, other times they may study and know things well, however, the stress of taking a “test” gets them flustered. Give your child a head start with test-taking tips.

Start with good nutrition

It’s so hard to concentrate, let alone take a test when you are hungry. And for kids, it’s no different. Set your child up for success by giving them a balanced breakfast before they head to school. This should be done every day but it’s especially important when they need to focus for a test.

Also, send them with snacks that can feed their brain, like almonds. The natural fatty acids found in almonds can help their brain be on point. They can also provide oxygen to the brain, helping to keep your child alert and focused.

Spend time doing practice tests

To get your child used to the pressure of a test, do home tests the days leading up to the real thing to help them learn how to focus. For example, do a mock spelling test and try to emulate how the teacher does them, so your keiki is ready and knows what to do once he’s in the classroom.

A few essentials go a long way

Did you know that certain essential oils can help with focus and brain function? Use lavender lightly rubbed on your child’s back with some carrier oil such as coconut oil. This can help keep them calm for their test. Place some peppermint in a diffuser necklace for your teenager to wear on test days. Peppermint can help with focus and alertness. Diffuse essential oils while your child studies to help them focus and retain the information.