With all the camps, beach trips, hikes and lazy days of summer, give your child a way to save all of the memories. Your kids will love to look back on them for years to come.

Capture it

Whether going away on vacation or making it a staycation, let your child take photos on a camera or disposable waterproof camera. Your kids will love having a camera of their own and being surprised when they see the prints.

Frame it up

After they’ve developed their photos, create a collage. Let your keiki help with the layout. Once done, frame it and hang it in their room.

Stick a magnet on it

Create magnets out of photos by using magnetic paper found at most office supply or craft stores. Attach a photo to it, cut around the photo and then hang your magnets on the fridge as summertime art.

Create an old fashioned scrapbook

Have your child collect ticket stubs, or other memorabilia from their summer fun. Create a scrapbook of photos and other goodies, letting them design it. The younger ones can dictate what to write on each page.