How to Feel Like Superwoman Every Day

woman stretching to sky at sunrise

Looking for suggestions to turn up your inner Superwoman? Read these six simple steps below to snap the Superwoman back into you!

  1. Stand in a power pose. Whatever that means to you, stand in a strong, energetic pose and open up yourself to the wonder of who you are. Does this sound bizarre? Try it. Being in a quiet space, filled with only your own personal energy, can be powerful and calming.
  2. Let go, let go, let go. As women, we sometimes take on too much and expect too much from ourselves. That to-do list, if you have to have one, can be slashed in half. Get real by listing, in descending order, what you feel you need to do today. If you’re down to five things, circle the two things that you feel would make a positive difference to your wellbeing. Now, do those two things – and only those two things – today!
  3. Look for the good. In other words, appreciate what you have. If you’re rolling your eyes, remember that you are fortunate to have eyes to roll! Now, you’re beginning to see the value in this exercise.
  4. Open your heart. Random acts of kindness are so important – they can make a big difference for someone else, and they make us feel good about ourselves. Whether it’s charity work or just holding a door open for someone, there is always a way to be kind.
  5. Take care of yourself. If you enjoy taking a long soak in the bath, do it! Treat yourself the way you would treat your own child or pet, and simply be that loving to yourself.
  6. Try something new. It doesn’t matter what it is. It could be trying out a new recipe for the family, wearing a pretty dress for dinner instead of sweats, or taking a hike in the forest with a friend. Do something that is refreshing and revitalizing, and that takes you beyond your normal scope.

When you’ve done these things, look back, take it all in, and smile like your own inner Superwoman.