Kisha Milling 808-757-4148
Beginning/Foundational Hoopdance Class
Kama’ole Beach Park, Kihei
Every Tuesday
Adults/Teen (all levels)
You will learn how to hoop on your waist, hips, legs, shoulders, and hands while fully articulating your entire body.  Build a strong core, increases flexibility, and tone your complete body while burning up to 600 calories an hour. Hand-made, professional hula hoops will be provided., [email protected]

Kisha Milling 808-757-4148
Free Hoop Jams
Kama’ole Beach Park III, Kihei
Weekly Daytime Jams, Every Tuesday, 11am-2pm
Monthly Evening Jams, May 28, June 18, July 23, 5pm-sunset
All ages (all-levels)
Hoops Jams are a fun, FREE way to learn about hoopdance, share new tricks, and connect with others– all in a fun beach park setting.  Bring your hoop and ohana–All ages welcome.  No hoop? No worries. Demo hoops will be available for play as well as for sale., [email protected]

Kisha Milling 808-757-4148
Hoopnatyze Keiki
Check website for location and times
Ages 8 and up
Hoopdance classes for children is a  fun way to move your body as it combines dance and circus arts.  Learn some fun moves, surprise your family and friends and get great exercise all at the same time.  Get ready to get hoopnatyzed!!
Kisha at 808-757-4148 or email [email protected]