Audrey Hepburn once said, “The most important thing is to enjoy your life – to be happy – it’s all that matters.” If you think that’s easier said than done, consider the following ways to lighten your day and your life.

Take time for self-care. Devote part of your day to doing something that you love. If you’re out of ideas, ask yourself in a quiet moment what would bring you joy in that moment. Take that yoga class, hike in the forest, read a chapter in the book you’ve been meaning to read. Resist the urge to call your time ‘indulgent’ – it’s about taking care of yourself.

Say goodbye to toxic relationships. Letting go of relationships that no longer serve you can be liberating. Opening that space in your life can feel freeing and can invite new, invigorating energy.

Get out in nature. Connecting with nature can be soothing and refreshing. Make time in your day to be outdoors in a setting that resonates with you. Getting back to the basics can help reset your nervous system and rejuvenate your soul.

Accept yourself. Come to terms with your body, life, and relationships, and free yourself from the internal critic. Acknowledging that you came into the world in a beautiful form and are here to experience life just as you are, can be an important step to increasing your happiness.

Be grateful. One of the simplest ways that you can retrain your mind to focus on the positive, is to write down what you are grateful for. Take a minute and write down three things that bring you a sense of joy and awe.

Give to others. Give a compliment to a friend or help an elderly neighbor to collect her shopping, and feel the benefits of opening your heart. You don’t even need to donate money to charity or join a cause. It’s more about experiencing everyday happiness through simple acts of giving to others.

Take steps towards making your happiness a priority today by caring for yourself. Caring for your wellbeing in a loving, intentional way can be life-changing. Try it and see the difference!