55 Maka’ena Place, Pukalani, HI 96768
(808) 573-6651
School Office: (808) 573-6651 or [email protected]

Days/Hours of School:
Grades PK-5:  7:45 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.  M, T, W, Th, F
Grades 6-8:  7:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. M, T, W, Th, F

Ages of Children: Pre-Kindergarten – Grade 8

Space Availability: Now Enrolling

Carden Academy of Maui is committed to educating the whole child through a balance of academic excellence, character development, and enrichment through the arts in a nurturing, small classroom setting.

About Carden 
Carden Academy is an independent, non-denominational private school located in Pukalani, in Upcountry Maui. Founded in 1998, the school serves children in Pre-Kindergarten through Eighth Grade, with one class per grade and a maximum enrollment of 172 students.

Carden Academy is based on the philosophy of Mae Carden (1894-1977), the renowned educator who founded the Carden Method that is used by more than 70 schools across the United States.

Mae Carden explained that her philosophy involves proven teaching techniques and individualized attention that allow for the natural unfolding of the mind, personality, and capacities of each student. The integrated curriculum emphasizes the interrelationships of the content of subjects studied.

In its goal of developing the whole child, a Carden Academy education features a number of qualities that sets it apart from other schools:

Academic Achievement: Carden Academy’s curriculum is a sequential and integrated one that focuses on the foundation stones of learning, giving students the ability to interconnect academic, social, and artistic skills. The Carden philosophy recognizes the unlimited potential of each child.

Small Class Size: Each grade has a limited number of students (18), enhancing for each student the opportunities for personalized attention and exposure to an array of intelligence experiences and activities.

Enrichment Programs: Recognizing artistic expression that comes from within, Carden Academy offers a curriculum that includes Dance, Drama, Visual Arts, Music (vocal, instrumental, and music appreciation), and Hawaiian Studies. School performances throughout the year celebrate seasons, holidays, and culture.  In addition, the Foreign Language Program includes French and Spanish, and the Athletics Curriculum is an integral component of the school day.

Character Education: Carden Academy seeks to instill values and virtues to last a lifetime. Character training is a central element of the educational scheme from the earliest years. Students learn that concern for others enhances their own well-being and enriches their learning experiences.

Nurturing Environment: By fostering a joy of learning, the Carden Method awakens children “to the realization that learning is a privilege, an answer to an inner need, and a very interesting adventure” (Mae Carden). Carden’s pleasant, purposeful atmosphere serves to make school a positive experience where children are engaged and encouraged to do their best.

Middle School Curriculum: In addition to these features, the Middle School curriculum involves real-world problem-solving projects, so that knowledge and skills are acquired through an extended inquiry process. The school also incorporates 21st-century skills and proficiencies into the curricula to produce students ready for the world beyond the classroom. Participation in community service activities helps students develop an awareness that they can make a difference in the world around them.

How to Apply

Carden Academy of Maui is committed to educating the whole child through a balance of academic excellence, character development, and enrichment through the arts in a nurturing, small classroom setting.

  • Our new ONLINE APPLICATION simplifies submission and provides parents the ability to track the status of their child’s application.
  • When beginning the Online Application process you will first CREATE AN ACCOUNT
    • An email containing a verification link will be sent to your email.  Click the link to complete verification.
    • Then log in to your new account to Create A New Student Application for your child(ren).
    • You will then have the flexibility to access your open application(s), upload documents, and submit.
  • A non-refundable fee must be paid online to submit & complete each application.

After submitting a complete application, you will be able to track your admissions status by logging in to your account. In addition, you will be able to print a copy of your completed application(s), monitor when the school receives any applicable supplemental forms, and if necessary, reprint forms.

Age Requirements:

  • Pre-Kindergarten Admissions
    • Age Requirement: 4 years old by September 1st
  • Kindergarten Admissions
    • Age Requirement: 5 years old by September 1st

Should you simply have any general questions, or would like to schedule a campus tour to learn more about our school before submitting an application, you may REQUEST MORE INFORMATION here.

Mahalo again for your interest in Carden Academy of Maui.  Proudly serving Pre-Kindergarten, Elementary, and Middle School students in beautiful Upcountry Maui.  We appreciate your interest and hope to assist you any way we can.

Mrs. Jennifer Haleakala
Office & Admissions Manager
[email protected]
(808) 573-6651 Phone
(808) 573-6652 Fax

How are parents involved at Carden Academy?

Parents are encouraged to become involved on a volunteer basis. The school is governed by a volunteer board of directors, many of whom are parents. The Carden Parent Teacher Ohana (CPTO) organizes or assists with special events, including all school picnics, music, dance and drama productions, fundraising events, school trips, and other activities. We value the professional abilities of our trained teachers and our class sizes are small, so parents do not teach in the classrooms.

Are students under a great deal of pressure to succeed?

At Carden Academy, to succeed is to learn and to enjoy learning. The school culture avoids pressure and rivalry. It encourages stamina, good sportsmanship, and the development of personal responsibility. We avoid nervous strain and tension because competition is not a part of the learning experience. In addition, we believe that learning should be a joy and that children should have fun while at school.

Is Carden Academy affiliated with any religious group?

No. We are a non-religious school.

Is there a lot of homework for students?

No. Nightly reading is assigned for all grades.  Apart from that, however classroom instruction is focused during the school day. Homework begins in the 3rd grade with a minimal amount of math and reading, and increases from year to year as students increase their stamina and ability. However, except when special projects are due, it should rarely take as long as an hour to complete. In Middle School, there are papers, projects, and tests given to ensure preparedness for high school. We believe that school time is for learning and, if students are to have a balanced life, they should not have to use their “free” time for additional schooling.

Are computers part of Carden Academy’s program?

The Middle School program has instituted a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy that permits students to use one approved personal electronic device for educational purposes under the direction of their classroom teachers. In addition, 6th grade students are offered a technology class.  The goal of this class is to integrate the use of computers as an educational tool for research, writing, and presentation of various projects throughout the middle school years.  It also focuses on internet safety and etiquette.

Does the school accept students during the academic year, or must interested students wait until the fall?

Children are sometimes accepted during an on-going school year if there is room in the class and it is determined that the child will make a successful transition.

Does Carden Academy offer tuition assistance?

Yes, the school has a tuition assistance program.  Please refer to our Admissions page for more information.

For questions, more information, or to schedule a campus tour, please contact:

Mrs. Jennifer Haleakala
Office & Admissions Manager
[email protected]
(808) 573-6651 Phone