Mother’s Little Helpers

Kids love to help and do “adult things,” so why not have them help you around the house. Here are 10 ideas to get the kids involved in house cleaning fun.

Sorting the laundry. Have your kids help to sort the colors from the whites.

Matching socks. Take the matching game up a level and leave the socks to the kids.

Dusting. Speaking of socks… got an odd pair? Let your little one pop it on their hand and dust the furniture with it.

Making vacuuming fun for the older kids! They can make little triangles on the carpet with each back and forth motion.

Sweeping. Get your child a smaller broom, one that’s just their size, and have them sweep the lanai or front entrance.

Watering the plants is a great way to start teaching responsibility.

Sorting coupons. Help your child with their sorting skills by having them sort and then file your coupons in a coupon book. This helps them work on those ABC’s too!

Have a pet? Put your little one on pet patrol and give them the responsibility of feeding Fido. (here’s a tip: start with watering the plants and once they’ve aced that, move on to the dog).

Squirting. There aren’t many kids that don’t like a spray bottle. Put yours in charge of cleaning the mirrors or windows. You can buy (or make) a safe cleaning solution in case a squirt goes awry.

Putting away the dishes. Let your little one put the plastic dishes and utensils away. While you put the glassware and knives away, give them the forks, spoons and plastic cups to sort and put in their place.