Got a t-shirt with a hole in the sleeve, or a kiteboarding sail that got torn in the last bout of gusty wind? Instead of tossing them in the trash, consider finding a way to upcycle them. Here are a few companies on Maui that are elevating the art of upcycling and doing their part to keep what some might consider trash out of the landfill. 

Image courtesy of Michi.Co Decor

Shred the Plastic 

Recycling and upcycling #2 plastics, keeping them off the beach and out of the ocean. Shop their sweet selection of small dishes.

Image Courtesy of Kookies Maui

Soft Play

Made out of the softest tees around, Kookies creates looks for the whole family, and supports local charities by purchasing their fundraising t-shirts.

Image courtesy of Manakai Swimwear

Sustainable Swimwear

Manakai Swimwear has been creating beautiful suits for nearly a decade out of material made from recycled fishing nets, fabric scraps, and other materials destined for the landfill.

Image courtesy of Petals with Purpose

Tossed Flowers

Petals with Purpose upcycles wedding and event flowers and bring them to local hospice and care centers and then compost them. Truly a beautiful service.

Image courtesy of Sailbags Maui

Sailing Away

Looking for a cute and fashionable tote bag to carry all that beach and playground gear? Sailbags Maui has you covered with bright and colorful bags made from kiteboarding sails.

Image courtesy of Hui Zero

Reusable Takeout

Takeout containers generate a ton of waste. Hui Zero provides reusable tins that you can trade in at participating restaurants.