Hui No’eau Visual Arts Center 572-6560

The Art of Sumi-e Painting

Age 10 & Up, Pamela Hayes, 5 weeks

Using fun Pentel Brush Pens students will be introduced to the basics of sumi-e, then expand into using color with tempura paint. Students will paint bamboo, pine trees, waterfalls, birds and palm trees. Everyone can paint sumi-e. This class is fun, fast and creates beautiful art.

Tuition: $85 ($106 nonmember)

Supply Fee: $25

My World in 3D: A Survey of Sculpture

Age 8 & Up, Pamela Hayes, 5 weeks

From keiki critters made out of Sculpey plastic clay to paper mache armatures and more, participants will roll up their sleeves and create an array of sculptures that stretch their minds and exercise healthy imaginations!

Supply Fee: $85 ($106 nonmember)

Supply Fee: $25

Animal Adventure: Hand Building in Clay

Age 5 & Up, Rochelle Mendoza, 8 weeks

Hand building class for students interested in creating animal mugs, sculptures and containers using slab and coil techniques with various types of clay. Some projects will be bisqued and glazed. Join us for a safari you will enjoy out of Africa.

Tuition: $135 ($169 nonmember)

Supply fee: $30

Parent and Child Art Days

Age 5 & Up, Rochelle Mendoza

Sundays, 12:00 – 4:00 pm

Featuring a new Shakespeare-inspired puppet making activity each morning, parent & child will use natural and found objects to create fantastical creatures that will take on a starring role in a theatrical story-telling adventure each afternoon. This seminar is sure to create a bonding experience that will surely make fond memories. Each minor MUST be with an adult partner. Space is limited.

Fee: $50 ($63 nonmember)

Supply Fee: $15

Wheel Throwing

Age 10 & Up, Nancy Martel, 8 weeks

Prepare to be amazed at the bowls, cups, and vases created in this introductory ceramics class! Students will learn the basic elements of wheel throwing as well as more advanced techniques to add design and texture to work. Families are invited to attend the final session to view class work, pick up pieces, and meet your young artist’s new friends!

Fee: $120 ($150 nonmember)

Supply Fee: $30