Make sure your gift stands out at the party with these surprisingly fun and playfully easy tips. From found objects to quick crafty DIYs, we show you how to add an element of the unexpected to your gift wrapping with this winning round-up. Read on for simple, time-saving ideas to help your gifts get noticed!

Common sense caution: consider the age of your little ones and please be mindful of avoiding choking hazards.

Raid your kids toy box or craft supplies for fun, playful bits that can serve as unexpected gift toppers. 

Pipe cleaners. Who needs ribbon or bows when you can use fuzzy, twisty, bendy, colorful pipe cleaners to sculpt a fun and fabulous gift topper. 

Little toys. Something quirky, vintage is always fun. Double points if you match the toy to the wrapping color or theme! 

Legos. Build a little something with Lego to top your kiddo’s gift (warning: may delay opening of the actual gift.)

You went through the work of picking out a perfect gift, now make sure your wrapping stands out at the party! Fluff up the top of your gift box with a huge pop (er, or pouf?) of color and texture.

Yarn or paper pompoms . Easy to whip together, totally customizable, and sure to be saved—we’d say that’s worth the extra few minutes to assemble.

Paper tassels & garland. Ditto the pompoms, just as easy with equal the wow-factor.

Felt balls. There’s simply no denying that crafty, Scandinavian charm. Affix with a wee dollop of hot glue or a quick hand stitch.

Who needs a boring old bow when you can string together something a lot more charming, and with minimal effort! Think of it as a statement necklace, for your gift.

Wooden beads. Such a gorgeous natural look and treat for the senses 

Letter beads. Spell out a message, name, or even a line from a joke or song.

Littles are always the first to stop and pluck a flower or present you with a tiny beach treasure they found. Why not return the favor? And reinforce their love and wonder for nature in the process.

Flowers & Greens. Get inspired by nature with fresh flowers & greens from the garden. 

Bark or twigs. Kick start their imagination with a bit of bark or an interesting twig that adds unexpected texture and storybook wonder.

Shells. Mermaid vibes come alive with a beach comber’s treasure added to the top of a gift. 

Paper or craft store butterflies. Add a touch of magical whimsy to top off a beautiful gift.

Wrappily is a Maui-based business giving wrapping paper an eco-friendly twist—100% recyclable and compostable newsprint material designed by local artists. Visit for more fun ideas.