How to Help Your Child Become a Team Player

soccer“Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success” – Henry Ford

Back to school often means back to sports as well! Team sports offer more than just learning techniques and plays; they also offer your child the opportunity to learn how to become a team player. Learning how to work well with others lays an invaluable foundation for your child’s work ethic and ability to get along with co-workers and employers as adults.

One way you can help your child become a team player is by helping her understand each player’s role on the team and the importance of taking turns. Being a “ball hog” doesn’t allow for others to practice their skills, so by giving each team member a chance to play, each one grows in their skills. Ultimately helps the entire team.

Another way you can help your child become a team player is by practicing at home. Grab the basketball and have each family member take turns dribbling, throwing the ball to each other and shooting goals. You can work through any areas of selfishness at home, if your child tends to not share the ball.

You can even use chores as an opportunity for teaching teamwork! As your whole family tackles the chore of cleaning the kitchen together, your child can see the benefit of everyone doing their part to get the job done faster and more effectively. This activity translates beautifully to the sports field, as it takes the group as a whole to effectively play the game and score goals.

Each game is a learning opportunity for your child, and whether your kid is a “ball hog” or selfless player, you can coach her through the ups and downs of playing. We’re all a work in progress, so your support through your child’s sports season will yield rich lessons that pay off now and years to come. JP