How to Bounce Back After Having a Baby

After having a baby it can be tough to get back into the taking-care-of-yourself routine. Your number one job is to take care of your little one but you can’t do that if you don’t take care of yourself. Here are five ways to help you feel more like you and bounce back after having a baby.

*Remember to always consult with your physician before starting any new exercise routines.

1. Stay active and fit during your pregnancy. One of the best ways to bounce back after having a baby is to stay healthy while you are still cooking your little one. Things like prenatal yoga or walking during pregnancy are great to do before, during and after pregnancy.

2. Exercise at home. As you get back into your skin, you may not be ready to hit the gym right away (and, who has time for that when you have an infant?!). Instead, take it slow and easy by popping in a post-natal DVD while your little one takes a nap. Zumba or even the Wii Dance Party are great ways to get your sweat on and have fun.

3. Join or start a walking group. Find a friend, or go on your own, and set a time to walk every day. Pushing a stroller and walking will do triple duty: you get exercise, your little one gets fresh air and if walking with a friend, you also get some much needed mom-chat time.

4. Use your keiki as a workout partner. Here’s a fun way to do sit-ups with your infant: Place your baby on your belly with their head resting on your propped up legs. With each sit up make a funny face or smile at him or her. Your baby will love to see you come up and go down each time and seeing their smiling face makes it easy for you to get those crunches done!

5. Blend up a green smoothie. You can take it on the go and drink it while running errands or while rocking your little one to sleep.