Homework Help: 10 Smart Tips to Make Homework Stress-Free

homework tips1. Feed the brain. Give your student a healthy snack of carrots and cucumbers, or hummus and pita. Fuel their brains and then move on to tip #2.

2. Get it out of the way. Getting homework out of the way, after a snack, frees up the rest of the day to play and explore.

3. Location, location, location. Create a space where your child can do his or her homework with little distractions.

4. TV off! Make sure that the television is off during homework time.

5. Music on! Silence can be really loud when one is trying to concentrate. Try a little music and see if that helps your student get to work. Make it instrumental rather than a rocking tune.

6. Do it together. Sitting with your little one and reading a book while they do their homework lets them know you are there if they need help.

7. Get creative. If your student is working on math problems, use household items to help count. Or use legos to spark their imagination for writing a story. First build, then have them write.

8. Play school. Let your child “play school” and teach you their homework. Turning the table is a fun way to work through problem solving or to learn new spelling words.

9. Give praise. Some kids do better with a goal in mind. Offer a sticker for every night they complete their homework on their own. Seeing a page filled with stickers is great incentive.

10. Mix it up. Take advantage of our amazing Maui weather and let your student do their homework out of the house–say in the yard, on the lanai or even at a beach park.