With the pandemic creating shifts in work/balance lifestyles, many parents are embracing the idea of homeschooling their children. Michelle Lazuka of Maui Tutoring saw a need for families interested in the freedom of homeschooling, in addition to a credentialed teacher to guide them through the process. She created Curriculum Kits which provide homeschool parents with everything they need to complete a successful year of kindergarten in a shorter amount of time. The kits include materials catered to their child, plus 2-3 visits from Michelle to keep everyone on track. Michelle says, “Unfortunately, learning for children has been a roller coaster the last two years. At this critical time, I was able to intervene with intensive remedial tutoring to prevent premature judgments on their abilities and character. I worked with them so they were not permanently stigmatized or prevented from reaching their potential. Students that were described as behind, disruptive, non-verbal, etc. are now ahead academically. One-on-one instruction is incredibly efficient. It builds confidence and a love of learning.” To learn more, visit mauitutoring.com.