As many adults already know, veggie smoothies have gained popularity. “Blend kale or spinach, veggiescucumber, carrots, avocado, apple and frozen berries with water or other liquid until smooth,” said Matsunaga. It should taste delicious. “The avocado adds creaminess and the fruit adds sweetness, so it tastes like a sweet treat but is full of fiber and vitamins,” said Matsunaga. In fact, you can sneak vegetables into every dish. “To macaroni and cheese, add chopped-up spinach and broccoli. If your kid gets turned off by anything green, add pureed cauliflower instead because it becomes virtually invisible in the dish. To spaghetti sauce, add finely diced mushrooms, carrots, celery and onion,” said Matsunaga. Eventually your child will not notice that he is a veggie fan

Boy with applesRemember, always respect your child’s choices. “Every kid will have different taste buds and go through different stages, so you have to just keep exposing him to veggies. Be a good example eating them yourself so he is more likely to eat them too,” said Matsunaga. Make it exciting. “Kids are about fun, so you can take a piece of celery and put peanut butter, cream cheese and raisins saying there are ants on the log, or cut up vegetables and then make a funny face with them,” said Matsunaga. Your child will be eating healthier before you know it.

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