Longtime local nonprofit offers advice to support students of all ages

Maui Hui Malama

There is help for students who need it.

At some point in their school experience, most students will feel frustrated. It’s a common issue, but one we can solve together. Not all students are alike, and not all school systems work for every student. Maui Hui Mālama, a resource for students and families since 1973, has received a large increase in calls for students who are frustrated and feel like they don’t have the tools to be successful in their academics. Maui Hui Mālama leaders offer five tips they’ve learned through their experiences in working with frustrated youth.

  1. Allow them to explain how they are feeling. Sometimes the issues are much deeper than the school work being difficult.

  2. Remember that every learner is different. Don’t expect that a learner who is good at one thing should be good at everything.

  3. Don’t start a conversation with “How come you’re not doing well?”  Understand that youth may not even know how to communicate what their frustrations are. When someone they love verbalizes that the youth is not doing well, that learner may hold back from expressing feelings.

  4. Think outside of the box. Help can be offered in various ways. Those ways can include art, music, gardening and more. Not every learner does best in classroom settings.

  5. Provide learners a chance to excel in the areas they enjoy the most.

Maui Hui Mālama is here to help as frustrations arise.  

Making of the Maui Hui Malama Mural

Tutoring: Youth get direct help from trained experts in math, language arts, reading and more. Financial Aid is available.

LIKO: A program for youth to receive tutoring for their online high school curriculum or GED/HISET test preparation, and take part in project-based learning. LIKO provides a space for youth to work on their educational goals by bringing in their curriculum from other schools or accredited home school options in an environment that provides one-on-one and small group tutoring, along with project-based cultural experiences.

Welcome Wednesdays: A three-part program that provides keiki with small group homework help, math tutoring, and art experiences to expand the mind every Wednesday afternoon from 2:00-4:00.
Open to elementary school keiki. Limited transportation available from Kahului and Lihikai School.

Maui Hui Mālama members take home food bags weekly. Clothing and basic needs items are always available. Each member also has the option of working with our Problem Solver, who can help families break down the barriers of reaching educational and career-based goals while being enriched with culture.

Maui Hui Malama

The nonprofit has been helping local youth for more than 45 years, and is now asking for the community’s help with its Be a Hero for Keiki campaign, where $20 per month can provide homework help, art enrichment, a weekly bag of food and more.

Volunteer opportunities are also available. Please call Maui Hui Mālama at (808) 244-5911 or visit us at mauihui.org for more information.