Enjoying The Lazy Days Of Summer

Vacations off island, summer camps, playdates and schedules – throw those all away and let’s get lazy. Sure, it’s nice to sign your kids up for a ton of summer camps or to plan a lot of outings; and sometimes it’s a necessity with work and to keep your sanity. But then there are those days when you want to keep it mellow and have yourself a nice lazy summer day.

Fort building for some family funlazy days of summer

Forts make everything more fun. Use some sheets to set up a fort city, either inside or out. Sit underneath your sheet canopy with the kids and read books together, take a nap, or have a picnic. Watching a movie is always so fun when cuddled in a fort. It’s like camping inside and kids love that.

Mellow grinds

Lazy summer days are great for grazing. A little prep here can go a long way. Cut up veggies and slice up some fruit, and pack them in little snack bags. Make sandwiches the day before and have them ready in the fridge. The point here is to prep a little so that you can chill out a lot. No need to make lunch for everyone; just let them grab and go, and then have that picnic in the fort.

Beach bums

Nothing screams a lazy summer day like spending all day at the beach. Pack up the sunscreen, the blankets, maybe some sheets to make a fort in the sand, and spend all day with the waves tickling your toes.

Be sure to bring an umbrella, and maybe a playpen for the super little ones. Have plenty of snacks and water for everyone to grab themselves. The key is no stress, all play, with nowhere to be or go. Just enjoy a full day in the sand.