Kids are some of the most fervent stewards of the natural world. Get their hands in the dirt or engage them in an activity that honors the blessings around them.

Plant something.

Whether you plant a tree in the ground or a seedling in a pot, watching something grow is rewarding, educational, and fun! Follow the Maui Nui Botanical Garden for posts about their weekly plant giveaways or for ideas on what may grow best in your area.

Go outside.

Head to your favorite trail for a walk, run, or bike ride. The Makawao Forest Reserve has some great bike features for all skill levels. Or if you love the water, go to the beach for a long swim or walk along the shore during sunset. Embrace the gifts that are right outside your door.

Personalize your green products.

Never forget your reusable bags by finding a style that works for your lifestyle and makes you feel excited to use them. Most kids don’t get anywhere these days without their own water bottle. Let your kid personalize theirs with stickers or bling. The more your earth-friendly tools give you joy, the more you will use them.

Start an observation log.

Start a practice of sitting quietly somewhere in nature, get in touch with all your senses and journal what you notice. If you don’t have paper handy, try asking your little ones questions about what they hear or see. Pause between questions to allow them to take in their surroundings.

Support a local farmer.

Buying produce at farmer markets brings you and your family closer to your food source. Get to know the vendors and ask them details about what they’re offering. Your kids will learn to notice the difference and benefits of eating local and delve deeper into the community.

Reduce and reuse.

We often think nothing of throwing a container into our recycling piles. But the more earth-friendly approach is thinking carefully about what you use in the first place by limiting plastic and waste. Find ways to reuse items before recycling or throwing them away. Be picky about what you purchase, considering the impact it will make on the planet.