– goose bumps and team spirit guaranteed!

Kids, teens, adults – we all feel the same sensation in our body while listening to our favorite song. And we start moving  – unconsciously. What about, if we could learn a complete choreography on that specific song? Dancing, singing, feeling good and having so much fun?

Danijela, the founder of GIRLSWANNADANCE has it too: the unstoppable moving hip. With a dance teaching history of 20 years and her unique “Latin-street-dance’-style, she loves to fuel her dancing group with excitement and joy while re-assembling the groups favorite songs into single beats and filling them up with steps, attitudes, feelings and gestures, so that the whole song becomes a physical, self-discovering adventure. And who knows, behind which body a real dancing talent is hiding? She’ll find it out – and goes on stage with them! For information about Danijela, her group classes, workshops and camps contact [email protected] or 446.6067 .