The Department of Water Supply is requesting that all Maui Island residents and visitors conserve water in an effort to reduce demand and extend existing supplies.

Persistent drought continues throughout Maui County with parts of Central and South Maui now in exceptional drought conditions. The Central Maui System relies primarily on groundwater and is generally not as vulnerable to drought as surface water-reliant Upcountry and West Maui systems.  

Reduced rainfall results in lower recharge of the island’s aquifers, and even as the return of the wet season is anticipated later in the year, it will take some time to rebuild groundwater storage capacity. To ensure groundwater sources remain healthy in the long run, everyone must reduce water use now by conserving whenever possible.

The Department of Water Supply urges all residents and visitors to please be mindful of their water use and, especially to reduce outdoor water use.  Conservation measures include refraining from washing cars, sidewalk, driveways, and irrigating lawns among other measures. 

The Water Department is working diligently to ensure water is used as efficiently as possible. The campaign “Don’t Waste A Drop” launched earlier this summer. Tips for business and homes to conserve water are found at 

The Department of Water Supply appreciates all efforts to reduce consumption and conserve water.

For emergency repairs and updates, call (808) 270-7633.