Valentine’s Day Traditions

For many of us Valentine’s Day brings up memories of tiny cards, candy hearts, roses and maybe some chocolate. Those are staples on what is known as the day of love. However, if you are looking to create some new traditions and family time around the Valentine’s you’ve got to check out these ideas.


Use Valentine’s Day and its love theme for your family to write down all of the things they love about each other. This is a great break for that inevitable sibling bickering we all go through. Simply draw a big heart on a poster board and pop it on a wall in your home. Hang a marker and encourage your keiki to take a minute or two to write down all of the things they love about their brothers or sisters, mom and dad, or pets. Read it out loud over a family Valentine’s dinner.


Don’t leave letters to Grandma and Grandpa just for Grandparents Day. Use the Valentine’s holiday as an opportunity for your kids to create cards and drawings for their Grandparents. It’s sure to make their day year after year. You can always scan teh cards or drawings and create a Valentine’s Day email.


This is a simple activity that keeps on giving. You’ll need one jar, some paper (scraps will do) and some pens. First have the kids cut some pieces of paper into the shape of hearts. On each heart write down one thing they could do for each other to celebrate the love they have for one another. These activities can be as simple as giving a hug, drawing a picture, reading a book about love together, or helping each other out with chores. Put the ideas of love into the jar. On Valentine’s day, give each child the chance to pull out a couple of hearts. Then do that activity together as a family.