Here are ways to identify items that have been marked down even more than usual, or which might be closeout sales.

When a Costco Tag Ends in .99

If a Costco price tags ends in .99, it’s a full-price, regular item. If your favorite item end in .99, you may not be saving money, but it will most likely still be around the next time you shop at Costco.

When a Costco Tag Ends in .00 or .88

If a Costco price tag ends in .00 or .88, it means that the manager has marked it down in store to get rid of it. These prices can mean the item is a sellable return or a floor model. You could be getting a deal on these items but inspect them thoroughly before purchasing as they could be damaged in some way.

When a Costco Tag Ends in .97

Prices ending in “.97” are clearance items and have have been marked down from the regular price. The clearance price could go even lower if the product has been sitting on the shelves for a while at this price. The way to tell is to look at the date code, usually in the bottom right corner of the price tag if the discount is new there’s a chance it could be further discounted in time.

When a Costco Tag Ends in .49, .89, or .79

If a Costco price tag ends in .49, .89, or .79 it means Costco got a special deal from the manufacturer.

When a Costco Tag Has an Asterisk (*)

If a Costco price tag has an asterisk on it, no matter what the cents are in the price, it means the item won’t be restocked. If the item is a favorite of yours be sure to grab it before it’s gone!