baby shower 2Celebrating your friend’s pregnancy with a fun baby shower is a great way to help her begin (or continue) her journey of parenthood. Here are some tips for creating the ultimate baby shower for the expectant mom and her friends and loved ones.

  • Ask guests to bring a children’s book with a personal note inscribed in the front inside cover, instead of a card. Their thoughts will be treasured for years to come in the baby’s library.
  • Have a buffet for the mom-to-be and guests to snack on as they arrive. Don’t make your guests wait for all of the gifts to be opened before eating.
  • Have a box of diapers and markers displayed for guests to write fun notes on the back, for late-night diaper changes. Ask guests to write parenting advice, funny quotes, encouraging words, blessings, etc. to keep the sleepy parents inspired.
  • Make it easy for your expectant mom to send thank you notes by having guests write their addresses on envelopes as they arrive.
  • Ask someone to write down the name of the person who gave each gift to make it easy for the mom-to-be to remember who gave which item.
  • Make DIY baby onesies or baby bows for a fun activity that couples as a gift for the baby. Find inspiration on Pinterest for ways to create them.
  • Give each guest a little favor to take home. One fun idea would be to put popcorn in a clear goodie bag; then tie with a ribbon and attach a gift tag that says, “Ready to Pop!”
  • Be sure to include the mom-to-be’s favorite cake and punch!

baby shower