The National Safe Kids Campaign estimates that every year, one in four kids ages 14 and younger will sustain an injury that requires medical attention. Forty percent of those injuries happen between May and August, during the summer.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t some simple safety tips that can help parents keep the ER at bay.

Use Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a necessity year round, but especially during the summer when you and your kids are outdoors more often. Be sure to apply sunscreen before heading to the beach or pool and reapply after playing in the water or sweating.

Putting your little one in a rashguard or other UV protective clothing is also a great way to help keep their delicate skin from burning. For the smaller babies, keep them in the shade where it’s cool and out of the sun’s harmful rays.

Keep an Eye Out at the Pool

Never leave children unattended near a pool or body of water no matter what their age or level of swimming ability. A day at the pool means all eyes on deck. If throwing a pool party, hire a lifeguard or get other parents to commit to being a second, third or fourth pair of eyes.

Wear a Helmet

A bike ride is a great way for the family to get some exercise together. To make sure your little ones are doing it safely, always send them peddling with a helmet that fits and that is approved by The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Look for their sticker when purchasing a helmet. Also make sure that their bike is the correct size. An easy check is to have them hop on the bike, but with their feet on the ground. They should have 1-3 inches between their body and the top bar of the bike.

Keep an Eye on the Waves

We love our beaches here on Maui and it’s a wonderful way to spend a hot summer day. Make it safe by reminding your kids of some basic beach rules:

• Watch the waves for at least ten minutes to see how they are breaking and where, before jumping in.

• Never turn your back on the ocean. A wave can quickly catch you off guard and knock you over.

• Swim with a buddy and only with adult supervision.

Stay hydrated

Summertime means more activity for your keiki. Make sure they stay cool and hydrated by always packing water during your trips to the pool, beach or on that bike ride.