The Keiki Playhouse Update

In February 2019 owner Rachel Johnson went to the ER with a severe headache and vomiting. CT scan showed Intra-Cranial Pressure from excessive cerebral spinal fluid. With further testing she was diagnosed with a rare neurological condition called Pseudo Tumor Cerebri. The cause of the condition is unknown and has no cure. Despite having 4 lumbar punctures, a blood patch, and daily medication, the condition didn’t seem to be improving. The last week of April Rachel was taken into surgery to place a Lumbar Peritoneal shunt to help relieve the symptoms from Intra-cranial pressure.
Rachel’s illness has taken a toll on her family and the business. Her brother Michael has been covering shifts, and managing the store, but the work load can be overwhelming and has taken a toll on the facility, events, camps, and availability of our services. As Rachel recovers from surgery we hope to have her back at the playhouse soon, restocking shelves with her tutus, and fishing up the start-up of our new Early Learning Center. We appreciate our loyal customers and hope the community can come together during this hard time to help The Keiki Playhouse continue to provide its services. 
Some ways to help are by:
Donating gently used toys, craft items, monetary donations (see link below or donate with Paypal:, or purchasing apparel.(see link below)
Volunteering, at facility. 
Continue visiting, by Playing, shopping, hosting a party, or using our Drop N’ Go Services.
The link below is provided to donate by purchasing a Keiki Playhouse Shirt.