The Honor and Joy of Initiating Children into Reiki

The Honor and Joy of Initiating Children into Reiki
Shalandra Abbey, Reiki Master, Author

The phone rang it was 7 year old Tessa explaining that she was ready to learn how to do Reiki. When I responded with my usual question “Why?” she quickly continued on…”because I’ve been receiving Reiki from my mom since before I was born and now I want to do it too.” I asked if she knew what would happen in class and she said her mom had explained it all to her. Then I proceeded to express that First Degree training is a twelve hour class and she would need to earn part of the class fee. Plus she would also need to travel to Maui from Kauai. She knew that too and told me she had been earning and saving her money and already had most of it. What could I say? Tessa was in the next class and is now an awesome Reiki practitioner. Not only had I initiated her mother 20 years earlier I also had performed her mother and father’s wedding ceremony.

Keiki is the Hawaiian word for children. At one time I taught Keiki Reiki classes then discovered children are easier to teach then adults so I started combining the classes and found adults seemed to learn faster and understand quicker. In one class I taught there was a 77 year age difference between students and they had a great time sharing Reiki with each other.

Why is Reiki Natural Healing good for children? There is no reason why it wouldn’t be. Reiki gives children a tool to take care of their own aches and pains and to stay healthy. They love self-treatment because it quickly takes them to a peaceful place. It strengthens their immune system and brings their mental, emotional, spiritual and physical body into balance. Self-confidence moves towards peak performance. Art, music, dance, sports, school work all flow more harmoniously when the rest of their being is flowing freely. They love to share Reiki with pets, plants and wherever it is needed.

It would be fabulous to see the next generation grow up having the support of Reiki Natural Healing in their lives. What a wonderful world this would be!

 A new First Degree class is coming up September 14 & 15 for all ages.

Shalandra Abbey is a full-time Reiki Master in Hawaii and around the globe; she is a senior member of The Reiki Alliance, an international, professional organization created by the original 21 Reiki Masters in the western world. Reiki Hawaii’s website answers most any question one could have about Reiki. 808.280.7704