Ten Apps to Bring the Family Together 


In the generation of living “plugged-in” 24/7,  it’s easy to live disconnected from your family. Here are a few apps that may help you use today’s technology to actually bring the family together, rather than keep you apart. Note: the following apps can all be downloaded via www.iTunes.com.

For family road trips try the “Road Ninja” app. You can discover new places, map out your trip, share your encounters, and save money along the way with special promotions. Finding the nearest public restroom just became as easy as using your Road Ninja!

For fun give “Chatterpix” a spin. This app allows you to make anything talk — pets, friends, doodles, and more! You just take a photo, draw a line to make a mouth, and record your voice.

Learning about your family history is an excellent way to connect with each other. Research your ancestry via the “Ancestry” app. You never know what or who you will discover!

Music always connects people. Find out what your teen daughter’s favorite band sounds like using the apps for “Pandora” or “Spotify”…And maybe she’ll even let you share your favorite 80s band with her

A fun and educational tool for youngsters and adults alike is the “PBS Kids Videos” app. Make that wait at the airport go by quickly enjoying “Curious George” episodes together.

For a sweet story, where you can even record your own voice try “The Kissing Hand Story” app via Ocean House Media.

Make chores fun again by using the “You Rule Chores” app. it makes getting housework done a game for the whole family!

“Focus on the Family” offers several apps to keep the family connected: “Focus on Marriage” and “Focus on Parenting,” in particular provide helpful dinner conversation starters, inspirational quotes and marriage encouragement.

Finally, last but not least: good ole’ “Instagram.” This uber-popular app allows the family to stay connected through each others photos throughout the day. So, if you’re going to be “plugged-in” you might as well stay connected with those you love the most!