The need to support local businesses has never been so critical as it is right now. Without continued support, families risk losing athletics, art and dance classes, and a gamut of after school programs and services for our kids. We may think we can cancel now and register later, but the reality is these programs may not exist later. Help can come in many forms, so jump in today to nurture all the things you love and want to see stay for many years to come.

Keep in Touch

If a program has been temporarily closed, call your coach or teachers. Let them know you’re thinking about them and thank them for what they provide. A simple call can give a small business owner hope, energy, and enthusiasm for the future.

Offer a Hand

Volunteer your expertise or time. Help clean up, bring in snacks, or offer to run errands. If you have business acumen, share guidance on strategy, marketing, and finance. Extra hands can alleviate some administrative burdens and create more time for them to do what they love.

Give them a Follow

Follow your favorites on Instagram and other social platforms. Make their day by commenting on their posts and tagging them on yours. Sign up for mailing lists and be in the loop of any changes or new offerings.

Spread the Word

For any program you authentically believe in, let your network know and encourage them to learn more or participate. Write a review online or share it directly with them to use for marketing. A trusted recommendation goes a long way to a program’s growth.

Online Education

In the midst of these uncertain times, some organizations have created virtual programs. This can be a surprising opportunity for them to build a new offering for the community, so participate and offer your feedback.

Sponsor a Family

If it’s within your means, offer to sponsor another family’s registration fees. This generous gesture can keep a team together, buoy a family’s spirit, and enrich a program.

Through various challenges, the Maui community has answered the call to work together for the future we want to see on the island. Let this time be no different, and let compassion and connection lead the way.

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