It’s time to get out of the house to explore and create!

This Summer, have fun with these ten nature activities you can do with the kids.

1. Play in the mud. Take mud pies to new levels by creating mud cupcakes instead. You only need cupcake liners, a cupcake pan, mud and some leaves and berries. Let the kids fill the cupcakes with their own muddy dough, and add some toppings using the twigs and berries. Let it dry in the sun and you’ll have a great treat for a pretend tea party.

2. Build a bird feeder. Grab some pipe cleaners, Cheerios, and ribbon. Bend the bottom of the pipe cleaner so the Cheerios don’t fall off, then let the kids thread the Cheerios onto the pipe cleaner. Create a bunch, then tie them together with the ribbon and hang it outside. Let the kids observe and maybe count each bird that comes by for a treat.

3. Create a secret hideaway under a tree or bush in your garden. Hang sheets from its limbs to create a tree tee-pee. Have a small yard without any trees? Bring out a table and throw a blanket over it for an instant hideaway any princess or prince will love.

4. Skip rocks. Head to the beach where rocks are plenty and teach the kids how to skip rocks. Make it a game and count the skips. He who gets the most skips, wins.

5. Play tag with the waves. A summer isn’t complete without a little running from the waves. The goal is to get close to the water, but run like mad when the white wash comes in; if the water touches your toes, the wave has “tagged” you.

6. Start a nature journal. Hang out in your yard, at the beach, or on a trail and sit and observe. Have the older kids draw and write about what they see, while the younger ones can pick up some treasures along the way and create art back at home with them.

7. Paint rocks. While at the beach to skip rocks, pick up a handful. When back at home, paint them using outdoor acrylic paints. once painted, the kids can stack and sort them.

8. Read outside. By the shore, under an umbrella in your yard, or even overlooking the ocean on a cliff, reading is fun when taken outside. Pack up some books, some snacks and get to reading outside!

9. Rent a kayak and explore. Head to Olowalu on the West side of Maui, rent a kayak and take an adventure along the shoreline. Let the kids bring binoculars to spot far away creatures.

10. Beach clean-up. Grab some bags, some plastic gloves and hit your favorite beach with the kids. Do your own beach cleanup. Invite friends or neighbors to help and start a movement.