Summer is in full swing, kids are running in and out of the house, with a few neighbor kids thrown in. Here are some summer preparedness tips for every parent.

1. Plastic drinking glasses & plates: Stock up on reusable plastic cups and plates. This allows parents to breathe easily knowing a broken glass won’t end the pool-side party, and allows the kids to be hands on at mealtime.

2. Plastic tablecloths are your friend: Plastic tablecloths were invented for summer. They are easy to wipe down, need no laundering and stand up to the hot summer sun.

3. Clear the way: Put away the breakable vases and art pieces and replace them with summer crafts created by your kids.

4. Grill out and keep cool: Top off that propane tank or stock up on charcoal and make a summer meal plan that is bbq friendly.

5. Start each week by stocking up on healthy snacks: Create snack bags filled with cut veggies and fruits so the kids can easily grab them on the go.

6. Store sand toys in a small plastic hamper: This makes it easy to grab them when heading to the beach and makes clean up a snap after the beach; just dunk the entire plastic hamper, with toys inside, in the ocean and then strain the water out of the hamper holes.