St. Anthony Jr. Sr. High School Summer Community Classes 244-4190

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SAT/PSAT/ACT Preparation Class

June 4th-June 28th, M-F


This intensive 4 week PSAT/SAT/ACT

Preparation Course uses the Iolani preparation method. Instruction in Critical Reading, Writing and Math are provided by knowledgeable and distinguished educators: Mrs. Karen Yoshina and Mr. Mel Mukai.


Summer School Classes:

June 4th -July 12th, M-F

8:00 am-12:30 pm

Alg. 2, Geometry, Alg 1, P.E. Lifetime Fit and Body Conditioning English 9,10,11 and ½ credit Health Class.

All classes passed successfully will receive 1 academic DOE credit. Students may choose to take class for enrichment only. All classes will be taught by qualified instructors whose focus is to enable students to gain a strong academic foundation.