If you run out of ideas, gather up what you can find at home and then have your little one come up with creative ideas to use them. You will be surprised by the things they invent.

Some boredom breakers: crafts

1. Make a birdhouse out of a milk carton.

2. Make bracelets out of toilet paper tubes.

3. Create a haku lei or a necklace out of flowers.

4. Create magnets out of shells you found on the beach.

5. Paint rocks with fun colors or designs.

6. Make sand drawings. All you need is glue, sand and paper. Draw with the glue, put sand over it, shake the sand off and ta-dah!

7. Make paper airplanes and take them for a spin by the beach.

8. Decorate a frame with shells and sand. Use it during the year to showcase your child’s school artwork.

9. Make binoculars out of paper towel tubes, and then go bug hunting.

10. At night, spread a small bed sheet outside, put a light behind it, and investigate the different bugs that land on it.