Simple Ways to Recharge When You Are Feeling Burned Out

rechargeBurnout happens. A crazy work deadline, a crazy school semester or simply having the in-laws come for a long extended trip; all of these (and so many more of life’s to-dos) can soon have you feeling like a burnt piece of toast.

When you feel burned out you suffer, your family life suffers, you’re probably less fun to be around and that fuse is most likely the shortest it’s ever been. Yes, burnout happens but here are some ways to overcome it.


Experts say that exercising for thirty minutes a day can lead to a happier you. You get the blood flowing while taking in the outdoors and fresh air. When you exercise you also offer yourself a change of scenery to clear your head and sweat it out.


Taking time to get out and play with your kids can really help you get back to what’s important. Being in the moment, without that smart phone nearby, and simply getting back to child’s play can help you relax and fill up on much needed family time.

Get Creative

Doing something creative is a wonderful way for you to get back to you and kick that burnout to the curb. Using a part of your brain that you may otherwise ignore will help you find new meaning in all that you are doing. It will relax you and give you that creative juice to help spark your inner zen.

Take time out for YOU – be alone

Once you’ve played with those kids, hung out with your husband or wife and closed the laptop, take time for YOU. It can be a nightly ritual of just five minutes to think, breathe and give thanks. Be alone and let everyone know that it’s your time. If you don’t take this time, no one will give it to you.