Gardens are infatuating for children. Nurturing plants and watching them grow gives a child confidence, responsibility, and a chance to commune with nature. Creating a garden where the 5 senses of touch, smell, hearing, seeing and taste will create a total experience that can be enjoyed everyday.

1. Place a garden close to a hose and in a sunny spot.  It doesn’t need to be big – about 1 sq. yard.

2. If pets are a problem use a raised bed bordered with 2’ x 12’ lengths of wood.

Smelling plants are herbs like mint, basil, sage, and lavender. Seeing plants are those with beautiful flowers like sunflowers and daisies. Hearing plants make noise like a dwarf bamboo or other grasses. Hearing can also come from wind chimes, or plants which bring song birds. Touching plants are soft Lambs Ear’s or Jerusalem Sage. Tasting plants are those that bring in the bounty, which every child will love to pick, wash and eat.