Seabury Hall’s Dance Program will host its 34th annual Dance Showcase on Friday, April 29th and Saturday, April 30th at 7pm, and Sunday, May 1st at 3pm. 

The showcase will feature over 60 upper and middle school students performing new works by guest choreographers Ali McKeon-Pineo, Meghan and Tito Reyes, and Kelly Wadlegger. The show will also include three ballet works by Dance Teacher Vanessa Cerritos and several new dances by Seabury Hall’s Dance Director David Ward. All levels of Seabury Hall’s Dance Program will be represented in the showcase, and styles from ballet, modern, jazz and hip-hop will be featured.

“This year’s show is wonderfully diverse in style, mood, and form,” said Ward. “Overall, the choreography communicates a sense of hope and has an upbeat energy that celebrates life. Though it has been challenging, our students and instructors have worked hard to create a magical experience that everyone can enjoy. ”

Tickets are available at:

For more information, please contact the school at (808) 572-7235.