If you want to bargain hunt for this year’s school supplies, you’ve come to the right place! Read on to find tips on how to get everything needed for school without breaking the bank. 

Do an inventory sweep at home. Before shopping for new supplies, do a thorough sweep of your home. Why not reuse and recycle what you already have? Search your closets, storage bins, home office, and last year’s school bags for supplies you may have lying around. You may be surprised to find treasures that can be used for another school year.

Swap with friends. Gather any items you have and know your kids won’t use and trade them with other families. They may also have clothing that doesn’t fit their kids anymore but would be perfect for yours. Think of it as a swapping shopping spree!

Visit thrift stores. Head to your local thrift store for some rock bottom bargains. You’ll be amazed how many school supplies end up on the shelves at Goodwill. Don’t forget sales at churches and even yard sales where you can pick up one-of-a-kind supplies that’ll make your kid’s day.

Price matching. Many big stores have online price-matching, such as Walmart and Target. Some stores match their competitors’ deals or even beat their price—so don’t be afraid to ask a sales assistant to adjust a price if you can see potential savings for you and your ohana. If you’ve already made the purchase, don’t lose hope! Many stores will apply the difference as long as you have a receipt and purchased it within a specific period. Ask the individual store for their price adjustment policy.

Look for special promos and coupons. Coupons and special promos are great ways to save on supplies. You can use a free browser extension like Honey for online purchases, which will automatically find and apply discounts before you process your transaction. Companies such as TJ Maxx, Amazon, Office Max, and Target send their loyal followers coupon links and advance notice of sales.

Don’t fret about paying through the nose for school supplies. Get lean and mean when it comes to shopping and buy only what you truly need at a price that is the best in town. —RT