With prices rising for just about everything, many families are scrambling to find ways to make their dollars stretch. Below are some big and small changes to consider that also have a positive impact in other ways besides your wallet.

Electricity. Paring down loads of cleaning and drying laundry adds up for serious savings. Teach your family to hang their towels and fold gently worn clothing for another use. If you don’t have space for a laundry line, try a collapsible rack. Take advantage of the free sun rays, then toss in the dryer for a quarter of the time. 

Water. Do a survey of your home’s appliances and plumbing to ensure there are no leaks and make any needed repairs. Make sure you’re doing full loads of laundry and dishes, and limiting the length of showers. If you have a lot of plants, collect rainwater to care for them. Treat water as the valuable resource that it is.

Groceries. Food in Hawai’i is not cheap and prices are only going up. Besides looking for bargains, the biggest way to save is not to waste food. Make the most of nutritious, filling foods rather than bulking up on inexpensive junk food which causes endless snacking. Creating a meal plan keeps your grocery list focused on essentials, plus saves time and money. 

Gas. If you have a commute, make arrangements to carpool with co-workers to share the burden (and the gas!). You can also carpool with other families for school or after school activities and spots. Combining forces also makes car rides a little more fun.

Air conditioning. Let’s face it. With all that Maui sun, comes Maui heat. Check your windows for any leaks and make sure your AC system is serviced regularly. Put your smart thermostat to use and schedule it for your lifestyle. And if you can stand it, raise your ideal temp a degree or two for even more savings. Reducing your AC use is also better for the environment.

Cable/Internet. Evaluate what channels and services you value most. Many people are dropping traditional cable and curating their streaming services for significant savings. Being more mindful of your choices provides quality entertainment for the whole family.